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Short Sharp Sparks

Short Sharp Sparks
Drone Junkie
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Drone Junkie
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I used two large sheets of white card and drew out a few curves inspired by one of the awesome preprinted tracks.  I found having roadways and lines really helped over a blank sheet (or floor) 
I could not resist fancying my course up and used electrical conduit (mini and only the top portion) on its edge, with cut up and drilled hole short lengths of the back of the conduit for supports that I pinned into my wooden under base. 
I used electrical tape for the lines (dont pull as you lay the tape, just hold a tiny bit of tension or it will ift later on) I found various widths of tapes on ebay in the various colours. 
The lines really help and we race this one with 3 laps, one of each lane path. 

Note : I am not sure what URL is accepted for my pictures as it wont let me use the google upload 
pls see them here 

If anyone knows how or where I need to upload my pic so they show here, pls let me know 😉 Thanks 

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Now with Crash barriers 
A very hard tight track but great fun when you get it right 

We race this in 3 laps, one of each corner 


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