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  1. Yeah thanks for the tip. I was busy yesterday the whole day to figure something out but I did find something out myself. Your position is better. I later used 2 chairs and the Cardboard Roll from the Sturmkind track and then I hang the 360 cam from that hahaha. But how you have it is better. Thanks
  2. I tried 3 times and this was my Third attempt. I did a couple of rounds with different cars and just fixed another score. But it's very difficult for me to maximize the points. You will beat me today or tomorrow my friend And thanks
  3. Hooray! Faster time with the Stock Mercedes for me. It's still not the best but again I had a lot of fun playing Stock Mercedes (Basic setup) 1:08.700 Not toooooo bad for a noob like me OK - Noob? Come on. You are one of our longest and most loyal followers!
  4. Thanks buddy. It's not that great but I try Hope to see your time on the leaderboard soon!!!
  5. Hi everybody. I am mr. Stress. I have practiced a couple of laps today and I recorded this with the webcam on my pc. (not great quality). 1:11:680 (sport classe please). I am positively jealous of everybody here who controls the DR!FT Racers soooooo goooooood. It is breath-taking to see all of these videos. Danke! https://youtu.be/Vr1FltKh8UI
  6. Hallo allen Dr!fters. Ich habe auch ein foto Yesterday a little test on Mount Dr!ft in the Sturmkind headquarters

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