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  1. Thank you, very helpful I'm currently on Super Early Bird but I "fear" I will turn into Team Pack before the end
  2. First of all thank you for all your replies and help The cars would always be mine, the second eventually used by my son. That's why I would like a single account. If I got it, when using gymkhana mode with my account and collecting points, I do it only for the car which I'm currently driving, so I will get tunings for it, while the other car remains basic until I use gymkhana mode with it. And so on. With "standard" I was meaning a no-gymkhana car, like the Red Turbo at 99€ in kickstarter. But if I correctly understand now, the gymkhana mode is a feature of the account, not of the car. Or am I wrong? Once you spoke about used cars, how can I buy it? I mean, other then get the product, should I simultaneously register it to my account? Do I need something "else" from the seller? He should erase it from her account or what? Still many questions, sorry... and thanks. Bye, Nuv
  3. Very smart feature Thank you!
  4. Hi, one more question today May I use 2 start/finish lines together to stetch the line? Meaning no matter if I pass over one or the other, they work like they were one line. Or does each one work independently? Many thanks, Nuv
  5. Good morning to the community one more newbie question: if I buy more than one car, may I load all of them in the same account? May I run them at the same time by using two smartphone (but using one account only) ? If I own 2 gymkhana editions, my achieved tunings are available for both? Or each car goes lonely... And if I own 1 gymkhana and 1 standard, does only one car get tunings? But can I have both always in the same account? Thank you for help, as usual Have a nice day, Nuv
  6. Many thanks, now I’m starting to understand a bit more
  7. Hi Dr!ft community, I have a (I fear silly) question, but being a kickstarter backer with no car yet, I have to learn a lot, so please forgive me. What are tuning-coins(chips)? Can they be achieved by driving and collecting points using gimkhana targets? Is there a manual somewhere I can read about? Thank you in advance Nuv
  8. Hi there, I write in this topic once we are in the speech... I didn't know gymkhana targets were adhesive, how to reuse them (in different places)? Does the adhesive side ruin itself? Or is it possible to use them without the adhesive? Thank you! Have a nice day, Nuv
  9. Hi, I may have read somewhere that the new Mercedes/Bmw will be in metal, but cannot find it anymore, is that true? How many PS will they have as stock? Will they have the options of the other cars, e.g. FWD, AWD, RWD, etc.? They will be a kind of gymkhana edition? Will they have the same upgrade way? How many PS can they reach with bonus? What does it happen to the cars the more KM they have got? Is it just a “feature for knowledge” or does something really change to them? Excuse if I misunderstood something, it’s not easy having not a Dr!ft car (yet) and without knowing german language. Thank you!
  10. Nuvolari

    Track surface

    Yes, that’s exactly my fear ... will see with the car, thank you!
  11. Hi, excuse me for the question which may be already answered somewhere (but I don't find it). Is it possible to play totally offline (with just bluetooth turned on) or the app need to be connected to the internet while running the car? Thank you, Nuv
  12. Nuvolari

    Track surface

    This would be my true surface, hard to show exactly how it looks like: in green is moquette side up, in grey (where the cars run) is back side. Bye, Nuv
  13. Nuvolari

    Track surface

    Thank you for reply. I was meaning the back side of a moquette, like this:
  14. Thank you everybody for reply Nuv So let me better understand... An upgraded engine of 1000 PS continues to go around 5 km/h of “real” top speed but reach it much faster. Is this correct? No way at all to improve top speed (simulating top car of 350 km/h or similar)? Thank you again, Nuv
  15. Nuvolari

    Track surface

    Hi there, one question about surface... I already own a track with “upturned” carpet, do you think it may work for drifting? Thank you! Bye, Nuv
  16. Good morning DR!FT Communty! I'm eagerly browsing for the forum to learn as much as possibile, I didn't find anywhere the (real) top speed of the car, for example of a standard Red Turbo Sport and/or a V8 Silver Sport? Is this top speed changing by engine upgrades or not? Thank you in advance, kind regards. Nuv

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