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  1. Anything planned yet but surely a Dr!ft race with my son
  2. Hi again, one more little tip... While playing gymkhana, after passing the Finish Line, it would be nice if the stopwatch would stop, in this way one could know exactly how much time it has been needed to make the current run. Currently the time goes ahead and it stops only when one exits the gymkhana, that time is shown at the end, but it's not correct. Thank you for reading Greetings, Nuv
  3. Hi and thank you for reply I fixed it in these couple of days, in the case it may help someone else, the problem (the Racer was reading only the Finish, not any other target) was: - not the dust - not the spring - but "probably" the firmware --> it was already up to date but I received this used car like this, don't know exactly how, but repeating the firmware update fixed it (there is a long post in the DR!FT Community in Facebook about). Greetings, Nuv
  4. Good morning to the Community! I have a problem with one of my Racers which isn't able to see the gymkhana targets. Since I'm new of assembly/disassembly I prefer to ask your instructions before to break something BTW I think I see the IR light (through the smartphone camera). I read something about the "spring" but before to proceed buying a new one, I would like to check a little bit better: 1) I was thinking to change the spring with another Racer which correctly see the targets and check, but how can I remove it? Should I loosen the screw of the spring until it comes out? Other? 2) If it's still not working (so not a spring issue) may I try to change the "whole rotating system" from a Racer to another? The purpose is to understand which part is not working. 3) Is it possible to change the "whole rotating system" from a Classic to a D1 too? Are they identical or anything is different in the contacts which touch the electronic card? Any help is greatly appreciated Kind regards, Nuv EDIT: I have found to way to remove the spring and unfortunately this is NOT the problem, because it doesn't work also with another spring. It looks if I change the "whole central unit" (taken from another Racer) it works, so I fear something is damaged in there...
  5. Ok, so perhaps to avoid any risk I could keep the old one... Thank you, Nuv
  6. Hi, is it possible to change the password of my account in the forum (app)? I cannot find the option... Thank you in advance. Kind regards, Nuv
  7. Hi Sturmkind Team, first of all once again thank you for your awesome job! Just a couple of tips, I think easy to implement and nice to have for the racers, both in "Race" mode: 1) during the Race it's possible to see the best lap at any time in the top left. It would be nice to see also the last lap, e.g. always in the top left, just below the best lap. In this way it would be possible to check the pace lap by lap; 2) after the Race it's possible to see the list of all the laps. It would be nice to see also the average lap together with the best lap. This would be another interesting statistic to know. Thank you in advance for reading Kind regards, Nuv
  8. And what about Firmware versions? In the list I can find only the release notes of the latest, is it possible to know the changelog of the firmware too? E.g. I have just bought a D1 1st Edition (second-hand), it comes with firmware Ok I will update it, but before I would like to test the car as it is and make comparison with the latest firmware (car behaviour etc.). A written trace would help and knowledge is always a good thing Thank you. Greetings, Nuv
  9. It worked perfectly, thank you! Now my stats are up to date in the forum too
  10. Hi the community, I don't understand how the counters work, both kilometers and time... My Mercedes' odometer is 942 km while BMW is 833 km. My forum profile shows respectively 496 and 437 km, I must miss something... At the same time my total time is 33 hours in the app, but only 18 hours in the forum's profile! Only the sum 441,254 + 394,705 looks consistent (835,959), but these are both in forum's profile and it's ok the cars have 496,x and 437,x. My son run probably those 40-50 extra km, with another account. Anyone can explain it to me? Thank you in advance. Greetings, Nuv P.S.: I bought both the car brand new
  11. You absolutely helped me, now it's clear! The more I play gymkhana the faster I get updates, that's fair. I will enjoy my new Racers, thank you again
  12. First of all thank you everybody for fast reply! I'm sorry but I don't understand how tuning coins work yet... Please be patient I'm a newbie Tell me PLEASE which of the following statements are 'true' or 'false': A) by collecting 150.000 gymkhana points you get 1 tuning coin to upgrade the car; Now, let's say I play 1 round of gymkhana (i.e. 1 minute) and I collect for example 4.000 points. Then I play a 2nd round of gymkhana (another minute) and I collect 1.000 points and so on. For example 30 attempts of gymkhana (30 minutes) for a total of 160.000 points. But my best one scored 4.000 points only: B) I'm able to upgrade my car because I have 160.000 points so 1 tuning coin (+10.000 points) to use; C) I'm NOT able to upgrade my car yet because I have only 4.000 points. Hope my question is clear now and thank you again for help Nuv
  13. Hi, you say "every round"... a round is what, one week? I.e. each week a driver get XXX points which help him to reach 150.000, is this right? Thank you again Nuv
  14. Hi there, finally received my first two Racers, they are awesome! Now time to study and learn... And have fun! Little further newbie question: what are the "points" registered when you drive the car "outside" the gymkhana mode? I tested the cars, just few minutes and collected some points just clicking "drive"... Are they good as well to gain "tuning coins" or not? Or that is only a feature of gymkhana mode? Thank you in advance Nuv
  15. Very useful one for a newbie, thank you
  16. Hi the forum, finally I'm going to receive my first two kickstarts dr!ft racers, can't wait! Is there a manual I can study to learn how to start setting my car? I mean, I'm looking into the settings inside the app: steering angle, soft-steering, drift-assistant, emergency stop etc. Is there some explanations anywhere or should I simply check them one by one? Thank you in advance. Kind regards, Nuv
  17. Thank you, very helpful I'm currently on Super Early Bird but I "fear" I will turn into Team Pack before the end
  18. First of all thank you for all your replies and help The cars would always be mine, the second eventually used by my son. That's why I would like a single account. If I got it, when using gymkhana mode with my account and collecting points, I do it only for the car which I'm currently driving, so I will get tunings for it, while the other car remains basic until I use gymkhana mode with it. And so on. With "standard" I was meaning a no-gymkhana car, like the Red Turbo at 99€ in kickstarter. But if I correctly understand now, the gymkhana mode is a feature of the account, not of the car. Or am I wrong? Once you spoke about used cars, how can I buy it? I mean, other then get the product, should I simultaneously register it to my account? Do I need something "else" from the seller? He should erase it from her account or what? Still many questions, sorry... and thanks. Bye, Nuv
  19. Hi, one more question today May I use 2 start/finish lines together to stetch the line? Meaning no matter if I pass over one or the other, they work like they were one line. Or does each one work independently? Many thanks, Nuv
  20. Good morning to the community one more newbie question: if I buy more than one car, may I load all of them in the same account? May I run them at the same time by using two smartphone (but using one account only) ? If I own 2 gymkhana editions, my achieved tunings are available for both? Or each car goes lonely... And if I own 1 gymkhana and 1 standard, does only one car get tunings? But can I have both always in the same account? Thank you for help, as usual Have a nice day, Nuv
  21. Many thanks, now I’m starting to understand a bit more
  22. Hi Dr!ft community, I have a (I fear silly) question, but being a kickstarter backer with no car yet, I have to learn a lot, so please forgive me. What are tuning-coins(chips)? Can they be achieved by driving and collecting points using gimkhana targets? Is there a manual somewhere I can read about? Thank you in advance Nuv
  23. Hi there, I write in this topic once we are in the speech... I didn't know gymkhana targets were adhesive, how to reuse them (in different places)? Does the adhesive side ruin itself? Or is it possible to use them without the adhesive? Thank you! Have a nice day, Nuv

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