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  1. I'll see if that makes any difference. Thnx for the tip. Gotto run to the city first then and print it there with a laserjet. One more thing though; slightly different question. But how does one fill the coins after each run? i got ~20k points atm but the medals seem to remain empty? greetings
  2. I indeed printed with my own printer, though it's a quite new cardridge What is "edding" you are talking about? Edit: I used the Permanent Marker and it was sliiiightly better. How can that be solved? It should be brand new, spend ~2 hours driving currently after i started testing the stripe.
  3. Hey B-Unit. I've tested it on the printed sheet. Result: Sometimes it reads the laps, mostly it doesnt. (Roughly 1 in a 15 chance i get a lap recorded) I got the Lmd. White Dr!ft if that makes sense? regards, Yohane
  4. Hallo, entschüldigung für mein Deutch wie es nicht mein muttersprache ist. Lätsten woche hab ik ein neues Dr!ft auto gekauft und mochte ik ausprobieren wie das Race function functioniert. Aber wenn ich die weißen linien auf der grund platz sieht mein Dr!ft auto das linien nicht wie ein start/finish linien. Wie functioniert das.. oder wie kann ich das so machen das ich ein race machen kann? grußen aus Holland Johan Last week i bought a new Dr!ft car and i wanted to try the Race function. But when i had put the white line (start/finish/lap) on the ground the Dr!ft car did not recognize the start/finish line. How does it work or.. how can i make it so that i can race a race? Greetings from the Netherlands. Johan

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