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  1. A question: if i update the firmware (not gymkana update) of the carcar with another device (i also have an ipad and an older android phone) can i drive the car with my actual xiaomi or i have to use the device i used for the upgrade?
  2. I have a Xiaomi Mi Mix 3
  3. Hello, i have the red turbo and i wanna buy the Gymkhana update, the update will work also if i can't update to the latest firmware version? (yes i'm one of those canìt update to the latest android firmware) The update will work only on one mobile (ex. if i should change device for update) And do i have to buy the Gymkhana Gaming Targets to achieve points and upgrade my car?
  4. As i wrote above i am one of those with new android phones and the update don't work. I also have an ipad, if i connect it and update with ipad, i have to drive the car with it or can i use my android phone?
  5. I have some dnano bodies, i would like to adapt them for the drift cars, is esay to do? Now i have a corvette and a mazda 787 body and i would like to but a Lancia Delta integrale Do i need some adapters?
  6. I have te same problem with Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 When the app has downloaded the new fw it asks me to turn on again the car....the app crashes tried also with gps on
  7. Hello, i have the same problem, cant update to with Xiaomi Mi MIX3
  8. When the phone tries to connect to the car for updating, the app crashes

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