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mdf track


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Hi all,

I've searched the forum, but did not find an answer.

Have people build tracks out of mdf already? Not as a support layer, but really as a track surface? A little test seems to show that the cars drive well on it. 
Is there a reason not to do it. More wear on the cars maybe? 

I'd love to build a modular track. Just to combine my love for racing and landscape building. 

Any thoughts?



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Hi Maarten,

you can also use MDF boards as a base. But I would paint them to have a clean surface.

The dirt that you then have on the vehicle tends to collect on an MDF board that is unpainted.
In our team we had a track on an MDF board, but it worked not as we expected. The dirt was a big problem.

But basically it should work.


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Thanks for your answer!

Painting the track is part of the scenery ofcourse. :)

Tests show that adding extra's like an asphalt look trough dipping with a sponge make the surface a little rougher. Could this cause problems for the car?

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That depends on how much structure you apply to the surface. If it's a smooth painted surface, then it should work without any problems. Likewise with a paint roller.

If you are dipping, you have to try it on an extra MDF board and test it.

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I used MDF 4mm for my track. But the cars were too loud for me, so I glued 2mm cork on top.

The structure of the cork really almost looks like road surface. When it's painted. 😉

No matter how you apply the paint, it is always rough and you have more abrasion from the nib. Doesn´t cost that much to buy a new one in the Store...

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Posted (edited)

Yes, they are really loud on an MDF board, that's right.

There is certainly a reason why most people use a race track. You might have to take a look at the guys here in the forum who have built their own routes. I don't know what surface they used.


Here is an example:


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