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a couple of tips for the next software update (x Sturmkind Team)

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Hi Sturmkind Team,
first of all once again thank you for your awesome job! 😎

Just a couple of tips, I think easy to implement and nice to have for the racers, both in "Race" mode:

1) during the Race it's possible to see the best lap at any time in the top left. It would be nice to see also the last lap, e.g. always in the top left, just below the best lap.
In this way it would be possible to check the pace lap by lap;

2) after the Race it's possible to see the list of all the laps. It would be nice to see also the average lap together with the best lap.
This would be another interesting statistic to know.


Thank you in advance for reading 🙂


Kind regards,

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Hi again, one more little tip...

While playing gymkhana, after passing the Finish Line, it would be nice if the stopwatch would stop, in this way one could know exactly how much time it has been needed to make the current run.
Currently the time goes ahead and it stops only when one exits the gymkhana, that time is shown at the end, but it's not correct.

Thank you for reading 🙂 


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